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About Us


Established in 2008 in Montreal, M Made in Italy is more than a fashion brand – it’s a lifestyle. Crafted with pride in Italy, our collections feature natural fabrics and diverse prints. With a global presence spanning Spain, Greece, Netherlands, and more, our mission is simple, to empower women to look and feel beautiful. From the European coastline to your wardrobe, experience the essence of Italian fashion.

Our Collections

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

Spring – Summer 2024

Dive into summer with our collection exuding vibrant hues and refreshing styles. Feel the breeze of coastal charm and the warmth of sunny days in every piece. From bright citrus tones to calming pastels, our designs capture the essence of summer, ensuring you radiate effortless style wherever you go.

Fall – Winter 2024

Embrace the cozy allure of fall and winter with our collection. From rich earthy tones to luxurious textures, our designs capture the essence of the season. Wrap yourself in warmth and style, and let the crisp air inspire your fashion journey. Welcome the season with elegance and sophistication.

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