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Always evolving, our design team analyzes market trends
and incorporates them into our collection with the goal of creating versatile, comfortable,
and fashionable pieces.

Spring/Summer 2021

Our Spring-Summer collection is a celebration of style, comfort, and femininity!
The ocean is a rich source of inspiration for our Summer collection.
A collection of feel-good clothes in soft, natural fabrics that are kind to the skin in a fresh palette of delicate colors.
Unlike the winter season where we focused on earthy tones, this time we went for bright and fresh colors. The kind of colors that make you think of sunshine and gleaming beaches.
We have new fabrics and textures, new prints, and new styles but what hasn’t changed is our loyalty to natural fabrics, versatility, and comfort that M Made in Italy collections have always embraced.
For our Spring Summer 2021, we picked florals and mixed prints that can stand on their own. There is a well-balanced mixture of pretty florals in exclusive color combinations.
We work hard for celebrating comfort without compromising on style!


Cruise Delivery – November 1st to November 30th

Spring Delivery – January 15th to February 28th

Summer Delivery – February 21st to April 30th

Fall/Winter 2020

This fall, M Made in Italy’s team worked hard to provide a variety of prints and textures.
We aimed for eye-catching designs and vibrating warm colors to match the fall’s color palette.
Nature is our main inspiration for this our Fall-Winter collection.
Those earthy, natural yet colorful and vibrant tones that start showing in October are brought to you in the most comfortable and stylish way.
Nothing like layering season with the latest trends!


Prefall Delivery – May 15th to June 30th

Fall Delivery –  June 15th to August 31st

Winter Delivery –  August 15th to September 30th

Holiday Delivery –  September 15th to October 21st