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M made in Italy

Established in 2008, in Montreal – the most
European of Canadian cities. M made in Italy is
a complete lifestyle collection. Our collections
feature natural fabrics, a variety of prints and
textures, and is proudly made in Italy.
Manufactured and designed in Italy, we use
our retail stores located in Canada to test our
new designs and trends before launching them
into the international market.
Always evolving, our design team analizes
market trends and incorporates them into our
collection with the goal of creating versatile,
comfortable and fashionable pieces.
Our company continues to grow its global
brand presence. The brand can be found in
several countries including Spain, Greece,
Nertherlands, Ireland, Australia, Russia, U.S.A,
and Canada.
Our mission at M made in Italy is to make all
women look and feel beautiful, no matter what
age or demographic.
our collection is an unmistakably Italian
aesthetic that embodies an effortless approach
to style, inspired by the european coastline.
We pride ourselfs in producing the most
beautiful fabrics and prints from our factories
in Italy.